Prime 9 - Left Fielders. The 9 Greatest Left Fielders of All Time

Thursday, January 12, 2012

900 post 19th century games in LF was the minimum requirement to make the MLB Network list. My top 200 is here.

MLB Network List:

1. Williams
2. Bonds
3. Musial
4. Henderson
5. Ramirez
6. Yastrzemski
7. Simmons
8. Kiner
9. Raines

My List:
1. Bonds
2. Williams
3. Musial
4. Henderson
5. Delahanty
6. JJackson
7. Yastrzemski
8. Clarke
9. Raines

-Delahanty and Shoeless Joe get knocked off the MLB list due to their minimum post 19th century positional games played requirement.

So, I'm two short.  I had Manny on my RF list, but he was a tick short of the games requirement for the MLB list there - so, I'd put him on this list if forced to remove Delahanty, I'd put Ramirez right in his slot, 5th all time, and slide everyone down.  Then I'd have Ducky Medwick at the bottom and push everyone else up.
Like second base, there's just no question who the top 4 are, I'd argue the only ordering question is Williams/Musial at number two.  Absent a moral penalty, it is inarguable who the best left fielder of all time is. Williams had a slightly better bat (OPS+ 190 to Barry's 181) but wasn't close to Bonds in any other area of the game.  Bonds finished his career with 22 defensive wins above replacement more than Williams.

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