Prime 9 - First Basemen. The 9 Greatest First Basemen of All Time

Friday, January 6, 2012

MLB Network wanted 20th/21st century players (so that's going to mean no Connor, Brouthers, and Anson) with 900 games at the position. My top 200 is here.

MLB Network List
1. Gehrig
2. Foxx
3. Pujols
4. Mize
5. McCovey
6. Greenberg
7. Murray
8. Thome
9. Killebrew

My List
1. Gehrig
2. Pujols
3. Brouthers
4. Connor
5. Foxx
6. Anson
7. Mize
8. McGwire
9. Bagwell

So, if I had the same rules as the MLB list, I'd need to add three to replace the 19th century guys.  In order:
Greenberg, Thomas, Thome.

I'm guessing there's a moral penalty being inflicted against McGwire and maybe Bagwell.  McCovey, for example, is one of my guys, but...
McCovey: OPS+147
McGwire: OPS+ 162

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Michael said...

No Mark Grace? He led the 90's in hits.

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