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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MLB Network list is first.  Mine's next.

A thousand games caught is the cutoff for the MLB list.  That's gonna mean no Buck Ewing. My top 200 is here.

MLB Network List:

1. Bench
2. Berra
3. Rodriguez
4. Piazza
5. Cochrane
6. Dickey
7. Campanella
8. Fisk
9. Hartnett

My List:
1. Bench
2. Piazza
3. Dickey
4. Carter
5. Rodriguez
6. Berra
7. Fisk
8. Ewing
9. Hartnett

If I had the games caught requirement, Torre would make my list at 9 and Hartnett takes Ewing's spot.  Consider Torre v. their choice, Campanella.  Catching's hard - when you put in the mileage that a catcher puts in, that has to be worth something.

Campy: OPS+123, PA: 4816
Torre: OPS+ 128, PA: 8801

Their list has Berra above Dickey.  I go the other way, but its close.

Who they screwed is Gary Carter.  He's got 3000 more plate appearances than Mickey Cochrane; and while Cochrane essentially finished as a defensive wash, Carter was 10 defensive wins above replacement for his career.  Cochrane had a better bat (although not better than Torre, so you still can't explain why he wasn't included) but Carter's longevity+glove makes him the better guy.


Anonymous said...

Piazza should either be dropped to number eight or nine. True he was the best hitting catcher of all time and had the biggest bat of his time, but he couldn't throw out his grandma stealing second. Piazza had no arm and bad pop time along with slow reaction time. Baseball isn't all about the bat, although that is a big part a player still must be there defensively as well. Piazza was one of the worst defensive catchers, so how could he be considered as one of the best overall catchers.

Anonymous said...

How could you drop Campy from the list? The dude won 3 MVP awards - in a decade

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