All Time Cardinals 53 Man Roster

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This finishes my look at the NFC West.  You can get to the previous post here.  This is now updated through the 2016 season.

QB Jim Hart
      QB Neil Lomax
      QB Kurt Warner
      QB Charley Johnson
RB Ottis Anderson
RB Larry Centers
      RB Terry Metcalf
      RB Ollie Matson
      RB Moise Goldberg
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Roy Green
       WR Mel Gray
       WR Pat Tilley
       WR Anquan Boldin
TE Jackie Smith
      TE Doug Marsh
C Bob DeMarco
G Ken Gray
G Irv Goode
T Dan Dierdorf
T Luis Sharpe
     OL Eric McMillan
     OL Lyle Sendlein
     OL Tom Banks
DE Calais Campbell
DT Darnell Dockett
DE Freddie Joe Nunn
      DL Joe Robb    
      DL Bob Rowe
      DL Leo Sugar
      DL Eric Swann
      DL Ron Yankowski
      DL Chuck Walker
OLB Larry Stallings
ILB Dale Meinert
ILB EJ Junior
OLB Bill Koman
     LB Karlos Dansby
     LB Mark Arneson
     LB Eric Hill
     LB Ronald McKinnon
     LB Daryl Washington
CB Roger Wehrli
S Larry Wilson
S Adrian Wilson
CB Aeneas Williams
     DB Night Train Lane
     DB Patrick Peterson
     DB Jerry Stovall     
     DB Tim McDonald
     DB Pat Fischer
PK Neil Rackers
P Jerry Norton

QB - No debate over the starter and backup; Hart's the greatest Cardinal of all time; not per game - per game you'd take Lomax, for example, but the body of work outweighs everyone else pretty healthily.  The top 5 Cardinal QB of all time are rounded out with Plummer and Charley Johnson, I give Warner the nod because he made the title game, even with a historically bad conference champion.  Any of the three of them could reasonably be the third QB.  

RB - Anderson's the feature back for the all-time Cardinals; I think Centers is an easy choice to join him in the backfield, I'd be receptive to the argument that Metcalf's per game value as a Cardinal was so high that he should start.  Instead, I like Metcalf/Mitchell giving the Cards a dynamic return game.  If you thought that was duplicative, maybe...I missed Ollie Matson.   Hmmmm.  Matson was a back for the Cards - he gets the 4th spot over Stump.

WR -   Tilley beats out Boldin for the final spot in a strong squad.  

TE - Smith's easy.  Marsh is just a guy.  

OL - A surprisingly strong historical group, I guess that's, at least partially, a function of being around so long; I would have guessed before looking at it that Bostic/Dobler would at least be all time backups.  They're really not; these are the 8 men you should pick.  After 2015, Sendlein nears starting center status.

DL - All of the effort that's gone into that offensive line is missing from the defensive side.  This is not a great group.  Dockett's the best Cardinal DLineman ever, right now - you'd rather have Robb/Nunn as backups on your all time team, but here we are.  After Rowe as your top backup, there are a half dozen guys who could be placed in those last three spots. After 2013, Calais Campbell hits the starting lineup

LB - The linebackers aren't any better than the linemen - you want the historic, franchise shortcoming of the Cardinals - it's the front seven.  Larry Stallings is a legitimate starter, you don't hate the other three guys as backups.  I either asked EJ Junior or Hugh Green for his chin strap after the Shrine Game when I was a kid.  Perhaps both.  Had Karlos Dansby not left town, he would have slipped into the backup group after 2010, maybe 2011.

DB - That's a super secondary, starters and backups.  There's not much room to crack that group. Following 2012, Patrick Peterson's a season away from joining.  Following 2013, he's on the team.

PK/P Player's an easy pick - there's an opening to take the placekicking job.


DennisVee said...

Pretty darn impressive receiving corp when Sonny Randle, Bobby Joe Conrad, JT Smith, Boldin and Frank Sanders aren't good enough to make the squad!!
I too was surprised by the number of good O-linemen the Cardinals have had. Bob Reynolds was another one from the '60s who could take a reserve spot...
Awesome secondary.. Adrian Wilson has quickly become one the franchise's all-time greats...

DennisVee said...

Also, you could easily plug John David Crow, Wayne Morris or Stump Mitchell into one of the reserve RB slots... But Metcalf and Matson could do the KR/PR duties, so they're probably the best choices.

And maybe Jim Bakken as kicker?

Jim said...

Great secondary, I loved Tim McDonald and he barely makes the team.

Bakken's FG% wasn't any better than Davis's, both not so great choices - I subbed in Rackers.

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