All Time Rams 53 Man Roster

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Third in a series, the previous post is here. Updated through 2017 season.  All time Rams 53 man roster.

QB Norm Van Brocklin
      QB Roman Gabriel
      QB Bob Waterfield
      QB Kurt Warner
RB Marshall Faulk
RB Lawrence McCutcheon
      RB Stephen Jackson
      RB Eric Dickerson
WR Isaac Bruce
WR Torry Holt
       WR Henry Ellard
       WR Crazy Legs Hirsch
       WR Jack Snow
TE Bob Klein
       TE Billy Truax
C Doug Smith
G Tom Mack
G Charley Cowan
T Jackie Slater
T Orlando Pace
      OL Dennis Harrah
      OL Duane Putnam
      OL Tom Newberry
      OL Adam Timmerman

DE Jack Youngblood
DT Merlin Olsen
DT Larry Brooks
DE Deacon Jones
      DL Fred Dryer
      DL Aaron Donald
      DL Lamar Lundy
      DL Leonard Little
      DL Kevin Carter
OLB Isiah Robertson
MLB Hacksaw Reynolds
OLB Jack Pardee
        LB Les Richter
        LB Jim Youngblood
        LB Carl Ekern
        LB Maxie Baughan
        LB James Laurinaitis
        LB Mike Wilcher    
CB LeRoy Irvin
S Eddie Meador
S Nolan Cromwell
CB Todd Lyght
      DB Dave Elmendorff
      DB Jerry Gray
      DB Will Sherman
      DB Johnnie Johnson
      DB Clancy Williams
PK Jeff Wilkins
P Donnie Jones

QB - NVB and Gabriel were both terrific, and Gabriel played significantly more games as a Ram; NVB has enough additional per game value that he gets the starting nod.

RB - Dickerson's Ram career was shorter than you think; significantly fewer games played than the other 3 backs - he's fortunate to fend off Tank Younger for that final spot on the roster.  The close race here is for the starter next to Faulk; SJax probably gets by McCutcheon (dude could play) after the 2012 season. 

WR - I'm good with the wide receivers; Harold Jackson and JT Snow's dad can't crack what's a really solid quartet.  

TE - Not much to say about the TE spot.  They're just guys.

OL - Slater, Pace, and Mack are HOFamers - and just below are a half dozen really solid performers.  Scibelli, Saul, Iman, Pankey, and Timmerman would all be really solid backups for most of the all time franchise teams, but they all miss here.

DL - Youngblood and Deacon Jones are HOFamers and Merlin Olsen's one of the greatest defensive linemen who ever lived.  Larry Brooks is your solid 4th member of the all time line and Dryer/Lundy easy choices to come off the bench.  The 7th lineman is harder; Andy Robustelli is an all time great player, but played a hundred fewer games for the Rams than Little - John Williams and Reggie Doss had similar Ram careers a decade apart, and I wouldn't object to either taking that last spot.  Through 2015, Robert Quinn is knocking on the door. 

LB - The all time starting Ram linebackers are pretty easy selections; Hacksaw unfortunately isn't on the board as an all time Niner, but he fills the middle here.  Maxie Baughan was a much better player than any of the Ram backups, but didn't log the kind of time with the organization that the others did. 

DB - The secondary is not a strength.  You don't hate Irvin/Lyght maybe as your franchise backup corners - but the Rams have been around 70 years, how are they the top two of all time?  The starting safeties are good.  Rod Perry maybe beats out Johnson for that last spot.  

PK/P Maybe Dale Hatcher was a better punter than Waterfield, they're comparable, but it's the all time Rams team, and you take Waterfield.  Not for nothing - Donnie Jones has almost 350 punts with a 47+ average.  Two more years - and it's tough to keep him off.  Wilkins is an easy call.  


Blog said...
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Blog said...

DennisVee said...

Another good listing... The only change I would make would be Kevin Greene over Mike Wilcher at LB. Im curious as to why you chose 45 instead of the modern 53-man roster? With 53, you could have included a few of the following:

RBs Dick Bass, Dan Towler, Tank Younger
WRs Tom Fears, Jack Snow, Flipper Anderson
OL Rich Saul, Scibelli, Kent Hill, Ken Iman
DBs Rod Perry, Pat Thomas

I was just wondering... hard to believe a franchise that's been around as long as the Rams haven't had a single standout TE...

Jim said...

45 is more fun, you have to make real choices. 53 is like driving in the HOV lane. I maybe could have been persuaded to go as high as 47 to add one more DLineman and LB.

Rams are loaded at WR, right? That maybe is why not so much with the TE.

Agreed on the LB swap.

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