2011 NFL Playoff Picks - Round Two - The Division Round

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last week's picks, in which I went 3-1 against the spread and 2-2 straight up are here.

Pittsburgh -3 Baltimore win/win
Green Bay +2.5 Atlanta win/win
Chicago -10 Seattle win/win
NYJ +9 NE (Patriots win game) win/loss

I like the straight up outcomes of those games pretty heartily; the Steelers are better and playing at home; not a lot better, Baltimore's no worse than the 5th best team in the NFL this year - but the Steelers are the second best, so you like them (I wouldn't give 4 however).  I'm rooting for the Ravens, their coach is my new coach's brother, so its an extended family issue.  And I don't need a third title for Ben.

The Packers are better than Atlanta, and by a margin bigger than you think, which is why in last week's post I picked them to go to the Super Bowl.  Even on the road, I like GB outright and I'm rooting for them.  I like Aaron Rodgers as a QB, a Pac 10 guy, and as the guy the Niners could have drafted (and ruined) instead of Alex.

Seattle is really bad; I took the double digit points last week because they were at home and the Saints were in a bad way - I still don't like giving 10, and Chicago's not great, but the Bears win the game and maybe they cover.  I'm rooting for Seattle; I'm a Trojan and they have all my old coaches. 

New England's the best team in football; they win the game.  I am not giving more than a touchdown for a playoff game with divisional opponents.  Nope.  I'm rooting for the Jets; my anti-NE feelings have lost their steam, they're just so organizationally smart and that's the virtue I most like from a sports franchise, but as an upholder of the Niner legacy, this Patriot team doesn't need more titles.

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