2011 Golden Globes Picks

Friday, January 14, 2011

Many times, I get these types of things right.  Golden Globes are Sunday.


Best Picture - Drama: Social Network (but, if you're going to invest, do it on King's Speech, which could easily win and is getting odds to do it) 1-0

Comedy - The Kids Are All Right (No way it loses.) 2-0

Actor/Drama - Colin Firth (Also a lock) 3-0

Actress/Drama - Natalie Portman (Lock) 4-0

Actor/Comedy - Johnny Depp (For Alice, he's favored, and isn't a lock, but this is a good investment opportunity) 4-1

Actress/Comedy - Annette Bening (lock) 5-1

Supporting Actor - Christian Bale 6-1

Supporting Actress - Melissa Leo (tight with Bonham Carter) 7-1

Director - David Fincher (lock) 8-1

Screenplay - Aaron Sorkin (lock) 9-1

Animated Film - Toy Story 3 (lock) 10-1

Foreign Film - Biutiful (If not, then I Am Love) 10-2

Those are likely the only awards in which you'll be able to invest.  Here are the rest.

Song - You Haven't Seen the Last of Me 11-2
Score - Hans Zimmer 11-3

I don't express any qualitative opinion on the films themselves, having seen relatively few.  Of the nominations, I've seen The Kids are All Right, Winter's Bone, and Inception and don't have particularly strong feelings about any of them.    TV, on the other hand...


Drama - Boardwalk Empire (It's 51/49 with Mad Men; this is a classic Golden Globes picks a new show to get some chatter about the Golden Globes pick.  I watched every episode of both; Mad Men is better and the only show close to it is Breaking Bad.) 12-3

Comedy - Glee (50/50 with Modern Family; neither is the show 30 Rock is.  Here are the ten best comedies on TV: 13-3

1. 30 Rock
2. Parks and Recreation
3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. Cougar Town
7. Louie
8. Modern Family
9. The League
10. The Office

Drama/Actor - Steve Buscemi (50/50 with Hamm, who would get my vote, I think, over Cranston) 14-3

Drama/Actress - Julianna Marguiles (my vote would go to Elisabeth Moss, for pretty much everything.  If she's running for office, I'm likely to vote for Elisabeth Moss.) 14-4

Comedy/Actor - Jim Parsons (Big Bang would be 11th on my sitcom list, Eastbound and Down would be 12th.) 15-4

Comedy/Actress - Laura Linney (She's the biggest movie actress of the nominees and this is the new show; that's a winning formula. My inclination would be to vote for Falco, although I don't think her show is a comedy.) 16-4

Supporting Actor - Eric Stonestreet  16-5

Supporting Actress - Jane Lynch 17-5

Movie - The Pacific 17-6

Actor - Al Pacino 18-6

Actress - Claire Danes 19-6

19-6.  Not a bad haul.   

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Kirk said...

Do people still watch movies, then?

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