TBOR Athlete of the Month - December, 2010 +2001 Athlete of the Year

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tom Brady.

Runners-up: Cam Newton, LeBron James, Maya Moore

You can get to the previous 11 months here.

Nov - Tim Lincecum
Oct - Matt Cain
Sept - Troy Tulowitzki
Aug - Josh Hamilton
July - Diego Forlan
June - John Isner
May - Rajon Rondo
April - Phil Mickelson
March - Maya Moore
Feb- Drew Brees
Jan - Peyton Manning

And so that's it.  12 nominees for 2010 Athlete of the Year.  I will award that on Christmas Eve.

Back in 2001, my Athlete of the Year was Barry Bonds.  AP also chose Bonds

January - Ray Lewis (Josh Heupel, Kerry Collins, Jennifer Capriati)
February - Allen Iverson (Chris Webber, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan)
March - Shane Battier (Shane Moseley, Jason Williams, Jason Gardner)
April - Tiger Woods (Hideo Nomo, Barry Bonds, Hasim Rachman)
May - Barry Bonds (Shaquille O'Neal, Randy Johnson, Kobe Bryant)
June - Shaquille O'Neal (Jennifer Capriati, Patrick Roy, Karrie Webb)
July - Lance Armstrong (Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Goran Ivanisevic, Cal Ripken)
August - Sammy Sosa (Greg Maddux, Danny Almonte, Roger Clemens)
Spetember - Bernard Hopkins (Venus Williams, Barry Bonds, David Carr)
October - Curt Schilling (Rickey Henderson, Randy Johnson, Mike Brown)
November - Jeff Garcia (Marshall Faulk, Jerry Rice, Ken Dorsey)
December - Tim Duncan (Ahman Green, Brian Urlacher, Jason Williams)

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