TBOR Athlete of the Month - November, 2010 +2000 Athlete of the Year

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You can get to the previous 10 months here.

Tim Lincecum.  Runners-up.  Kevin Love.  Michael Vick.  Manny Pacquiao.

That's 11 months.  One to go.  SI does their Athlete of the Year at the beginning of December, I would as well if I had decided.  I have not, so I'm inclined to go all the way until I have a December winner.

Oct - Matt Cain
Sept - Troy Tulowitzki
Aug - Josh Hamilton
July - Diego Forlan
June - John Isner
May - Rajon Rondo
April - Phil Mickelson
March - Maya Moore
Feb- Drew Brees
Jan - Peyton Manning

Back in 2000, the Athlete of the Year was Tiger Woods - AP also picked Woods

Jan - Kurt Warner (Peter Warrick, Steve McNair, Torry Holt)
Feb - Andre Agassi (Pavel Bure, Shaquille O'Neal, Vince Carter)
Mar - Mateen Cleaves (Kenyon Martin, Alonzo Mourning, Marcus Fizer)
Apr - Vlad Guerrero (Vijay Singh, Randy Johnson, Lennox Lewis)
May - Shaquille O'Neal (Andres Galarraga, Pedro Martinez, Patrick Ewing)
June - Tiger Woods (Reggie Miller, Mary Pierce, Martin Brodeur)
July - Lance Armstrong (Pete Sampras, Tiger Woods, Mike Piazza)
Aug - Carlos Delgado (Will Clark, Tiger Woods, Karrie Webb)
Sept - Marion Jones (Venus Williams, Barry Bonds, Ian Thorpe)
Oct - Derek Jeter (Jim Edmonds, Edgardo Alfonzo, Mariano Rivera)
Nov - Ladainian Tomlinson (Shane Mosley, Lennox Lewis, Allen Iverson)
Dec - Marshaull Faulk (Terrell Owens, Ray Lewis, Rich Gannon)

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