NBA Playoffs - Consider the Following Investment Possibility

Monday, May 17, 2010

Phoenix +280 to win the series.

Bynum's hurt.  Kobe's hurt.  Phoenix played better down the stretch than the Lakers by a half dozen games.  Phoenix had a larger points scored/points allowed margin than did the Lakers; Phoenix's playoff scoring margin is far above the Lakers during this year's postseason. 

I picked Phoenix to win this exact series, in this exact scenario at the top of the playoffs - it's not a strong pick, but I do believe they are more likely than not to win. 

And when you see a +280 dog who you believe is better, not a lot better, but right now, for the next couple of weeks, just a little better - that's an investment opportunity.

Just throwing it out there.

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Blog said...

You would deny me a chance to revisit the Lakers/Celtics rivalry of my youth? Bird? Chief? Magic? Clark Kent? Kareem, rocking the Rec Specs and hitting big, looping 18 foot sky hooks?

You're no fun.

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