TBOR Athlete of the Month - April, 2010 (Plus 1993 Review)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phil Mickelson. 

Runners-up: Brian Zubek, Ubaldo Jimenez, Vernon Wells

Mickelson joins the previous 3 winners in the race for TBOR Athlete of the Year.

Here's how that race turned out in 1993.  Jordan won the AP Award - and he won mine too - but in retrospect, Steffi Graf's 3/4 of the Grand Slam maybe should have gotten her the nod. 

Athlete of the Year - Michael Jordan

January - Emmitt Smith (Frank Reich, David Robinson, Troy Aikman)
February - Alexander Mogilny (Hakeen Olajuwon, Mark Price, Tom Kite)
March - Sheryl Swoopes (Mario Lemieux, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jason Kidd)
April - Hakeem Olajuwon (Bernhard Langer, Shannon Miller, Alexander Mogilny)
May - Wayne Gretzky (Curtis Joseph, Michael Jordan, Riddick Bowe)
June - Michael Jordan (Julie Krone, Lee Janzen, Steffi Graf)
July - Ken Griffey (Barry Bonds, Greg Norman, Miguel Indurain)
August - Steffi Graf (Tony Gwynn, Paul Azinger, Don Mattingly)
September - Barry Bonds (Mark Whiten, Jon Carney, Terry Pendleton)
October - Paul Molitor (Dave Stewart, Lenny Dykstra, Joe Carter)
November - Evander Holyfield (Jerry Rice, Glenn Foley, Hakeem Olajuwon)
December - Sterling Sharpe (Marcus Allen, Rodney Hampton, Steve Young)

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Mark said...

Lionel Messi definitely merits a mention this month. He's been astonishing. Hat-tricks in consecutive league matches, four goals in a one-man demolition of Arsenal in the Champions League and the opening goal in the win at Real Madrid.

If this turns out to be his career peak, it'll be a long time before anyone scales the heights Messi has achieved in the last month.

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