TBOR March 2010 Athlete of the Month - Plus 1992 Recap

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maya Moore.

Runners-up: LeBron James, Kalana Greene, Omar Samhan.

She joins Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in the race for TBOR  Athlete of the Year. 

This is an award for which my records go back to 1990, each month I'm posting the archives, I'm up to 1992 - the AP Winner for that year was Michael Jordan, my winner was Mario Lemieux.

January - Mark Rypien (Mario Bailey, Cornelius Bennett, John McEnroe)
February - Alberto Tomba (Magic Johnson, Kristi Yamaguchi, David Robinson)
March - Christian Laettner (Wayne Gretzky, Larry Bird, Fred Couples)
April - Fred Couples (Christian Laettner, Deion Sanders, Roberto Alomar)
May - Mario Lemieux (Mark McGwire, Terry Norris, Jaromir Jagr)
June - Michael Jordan (Monica Seles, Tom Kite, John McEnroe)
July - Steffi Graf (Kevin Brown, Nick Faldo, Tom Glavine)
August - Vitaly Scherbo (Carl Lewis, Terry Pendleton, James Toney)
Sept - Dennis Eckersley (Dan O'Brien, Robin Yount, Barry Bonds)
Oct - Pat Borders (Steve Young, Art Monk, Jerry Rice)
Nov - Riddick Bowe (Emmitt Smith, Shaquille O Neal, Chris Jackson)
Dec - Charles Barkley (Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana)

Baseball picks/final four picks tomorrow. 

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