Monday, November 9, 2009

Last year, I was able to begin the college basketball season with my preseason top 25 (national title pick - Carolina) and my player of the year pick (Blake Griffin).  This year, all I can do is this:

I'll take Kansas.  Rock Chalk Whatnot. 

The other thing to report is a new feature here at the Blog of Revelation - a Sunday (I think, I've had this idea all of 2 hours) look at my Top 10 of Everything (I'm workshopping a title.  Aggregate something.  Deca something.  Dunno.  ).  The premise is a weekly countdown of the ten best things of the week.  Some sports, some politics, some pop culture, some foods I ate.  There aren't  really parameters; I like making lists, I like obsessively recording my behavior; I like to compare incomparable things; I like putting artificial structures on all areas of my life.  I've already started compiling contenders from the past two days (I think the rating period will be Sun-Sat, that allows me to write it on Sun) and that's also fun to do. 

Maybe it'll be worth reading, maybe not.  That's not a "under promise, over deliver" tactic, that's a "I don't have the slightest idea what it will wind up being" thought. 

But I'm looking forward to doing it.  Gotta do something now that the college picks have nosedived.  Nosedove?  Is it nosedove?

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