I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 10

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Record: 60-67-2

Hey, coming Sunday is my new feature here at TBOR - 1st And 10: The Weekly TenDown where I countdown the very best things of the week.  These picks are unlikely to be considered.

Niners -3 Bears (win)
Jets -7 Jags (loss)
Broncos -3.5 Skins (loss)
Bengals +7 Steelers (win)
Bills +6.5 Titans (loss)
Vikes -16.5 Lions (win)
Saints -13.5 Rams (loss)
Falcons -2 Panthers (loss)
Miami -10 Tampa (my suicide pick this week) (loss - but a suicide win)
KC +2 Oakland (win)
Seattle +9 Arizona (loss)
Packers +3 Cowboys (win)
Eagles +2.5 SD (loss)
Pats +3 Colts (win)
Ravens -10 Browns (win)



Blog said...

Hooray, Junior's coming back for another year with the M's! This makes Seattle my early pick for the AL West title in 2010.

bmack said...

You may know wrestling, but you don't know football. Never vote against the Steelers... did you not see their past two games?

Blog said...

According to this site:

The Steelers are only 3-5 against the spread this year. You'd have done just as well betting for the Rams this year as you would have betting for the Steelers.

bmack said...

Perhaps... but what happened the past two games? Just saying this week will be the third week in a row you mark down 'Loss' on this one. ;-)

Blog said...

Once again, if you bet against Pittsburgh this week (who now have a worse record against the spread than the Rams), you made the right call!

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