I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 7 (and World Series Pick)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Overall: 44-46

I'm going to split the championship series', just like last year I apparently underestimate the Phils - I had the Dodgers winning the NL last season and blew it again this year.  The Yanks have been head and shoulders baseball's best team this year; ARod has (like Kobe earlier in the year) changed the Sports Media Complex narrative from "his inner most being won't let him be a winner" to "hey, he's a new man, all growns up" - Sports Media just makes up stuff - Eli Manning loses, that means he doesn't care - look how detached and emotionless and blank he is - Eli Manning wins and he's the coolest under pressure a man could be.  All of it is entirely made up, writers' constructs that don't correspond to truth.  Some of them are good stories, some are dopey, but the idea that Alex Rodriguez, who entered this post-season as the 27th greatest major league baseball player who ever lived, somehow wasn't a "winner" because of a psychological hangup was stupid.  You wonder why athletes treat us as if we're children - tell outrageous lies, speak in the most ridiculous ways - its because the media with which they deal demand it. 

So, I'll take the Yanks.  Probably I won't like the price, but I'll take the Yanks. 

I'm 2 under .500 after a bad week 6, lets get back to level here.  I assume there are some of you investing in my college picks (feel free to kick a taste back; my advice has outperformed Charles Schwab in a hard way) they'll be up by day's end.  I'm going to see Seinfeld tomorrow night; so I'm even more jammed than usual this weekend. 

Chiefs +5 SD (loss)
Colts -13.5 Rams (win)
Vikes +4 Steelers (loss)
Pats -15 TB (win)
Texans -3 Niners (push)
Jets -6 Raiders (win)
Bills +7 Panthers (win)
Bears +1.5 Bengals (loss)
Saints -6.5 Dolphins (win)
Falcons +4 Cowboys (loss)
NYG -7 Cards (loss)
Eagles -7 Skins (win)
GB -7 Cleve (win)

Overall: 51-51-1


Kirk said...

Also, this is why those of us who aren't terribly vested in sports see the sports media as a bunch of idiotic 17-year-old boys who desperately want to be on the field as opposed to sitting in an office writing about it.

I like Chris Berman, though. Shame about that Prime Time. It was a good show.

Blog said...

Will this post go on to become Jim's "Dewey Beats Truman"?

Jim said...

Yanks in 6.

Blog said...

Wow...three pushes total. The linemakers were really on the ball this week!

Blog said...

Doh! Misread Cardinals Giants. Never mind.

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