Do You Hear What I Am Saying?: 2009-10 NBA Predictions (w/ win totals)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last year, I gave you Lakers/Cavs in my pre-season picks for the NBA finals. 

I'm doing it again this year.  And I'll take King James to win the chip.  But I like Magic/Spurs as an alternate universe matchup; if you'll give me those 4 teams as your next NBA Champ I'll give you the field.

In the parentheticals are the Vegas win totals next to my projections, do with them as you will.  I think my math is right on my totals, but admittedly I didn't (and won't) check.  I'm freeballing it!  Occasionally I misuse popular terminology.  For example, it would be error if, after watching last week's South Park, I referred to my girlfriend as my "bottom bitch."  It would be funny.  But it would be error.  This is a concession I've made to my advanced age ( I turned 39 a couple of weeks ago; over the weekend my brother said he was starting to get freaked out by my next birthday - here's how you know a birthday is a big deal, when someone else doesn't want it to happen) there was a day when I would have said funny conquers all - that anything could be excused if the joke was funny enough.  Not anymore.  Nope.  There are some roads down which I will not travel. 

I killed it in the college picks again this week.  47-23 against the number this year.  7-0 in my locks.  Toppermost of the poppermost.  I'm my own bottom bitch.

2009-10 NBA Win totals


Boston Celtics          52 (56.5)

New Jersey Nets      26 (28.5)

New York Knicks    32 (31.5)

Philadelphia 76ers     42 (40.5)

Toronto Raptors       34 (41.5)


Chicago Bulls           36  (40.5)

Cleveland Cavaliers  61 (61.5)

Detroit Pistons         35  (41.5)

Indiana Pacers         29  (34.5)

Milwaukee Bucks    29  (25.5)


Atlanta Hawks        43  (44.5)

Charlotte Bobcats   29  (37.5)

Miami Heat             38  (40.5)

Orlando Magic       60   (57.5)

Washington Wizards 38  (41.5)


Golden State Warriors  38  (35.5)

Los Angeles Clippers    38  (34.5)

Los Angeles Lakers      61  (62.5)

Phoenix Suns                41  (41.5)

Sacramento Kings        22   (24.5)


Dallas Mavericks          49  (48.5)

Houston Rockets          36  (35.5)

Memphis Grizzlies        36   (27.5)

New Orleans Hornets  51   (46.5)

San Antonio Spurs        53  (54.5)


Denver Nuggets         51    (52.5)

Minnesota Timberwolves    30  (25.5)

Oklahoma City Thunder   37  (35.5)

Portland Trail Blazers     53   (52.5)

Utah Jazz                   50     (49.5)

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