The Weekly Ten - Ten College Football Picks. Week 3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Overall: 15-5
Locks: 2-0

You're welcome.  Last week's 9-1 is a fluke.  If you've stumbled upon it last week and think I have the second sight, you're in error.  Just one of those things. 

Northwestern -3 Syracuse (loss)
Vandy -9 Miss St. (loss)
Wyoming +7 Colorado (loss)
Kansas -23 Duke (win)
UCF -4.5 Buffalo (win)
UConn +10.5 Baylor (win)
Virginia Tech -5 Nebraska (loss)
Hawaii +7 UNLV (win)
South Carolina -20.5 FAU (win)
Lock: Louisville +14 Kentucky (win)

6-4.  Overall: 21-9.  Locks: 3-0.  You're welcome.  Call my hotline. 

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