I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 3

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overall: 15-17

If you're new (1) no, you should never play every NFL game, this is just for completeness purposes (2) I'm not disappointed by the early showing (3) I'm going to have a winning week this week.  (4) I did not.

Titans +3 Jets (loss)
Ravens -13 Cleveland (win)
Tampa +6.5 NYG (loss)
Jags +3.5 Texans (win)
Vikes -7 Niners (loss)
Pats -4 Falcons (win)
Skins -6.5 Lions (loss)
GB -6.5 Rams (win)
Seattle +2.5 Chic (loss)
Buff +6 NO (loss)
Eagles -9.5 KC (win)
Bengals +4 Steelers (win)
Raiders +1.5 Denver (loss)
Dolphins +6 Chargers (loss)
Colts +2 Cards (win)
Panthers +9 Cowboys (loss)

Overall: 22-26
Maybe just listen to me picking the college games.

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