Another Inappropriate Repost - I Coin a Word

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you know me (and you do, 'cause otherwise, why would you be reading my blog? hey, how did you get in here? Where are my pants?) you know I'm always looking to inject myself into the cultural stream - to impact the zeitgeist. Sometimes, I've done it by bestowing the following nicknames:

Toothless Julie, the Recently Debt-free.

Kinda Slutty Louise, Who Cannot Play the Banjo.

Ernie Who Hoards Mints for the Winter.

Tom the Itinerant Sheet Cake Thief.

Pockmarked Milton the Mighty Donged.

Margie, who had 2 Back Alley Abortions even after Roe v. Wade.

Bo, the World's Most Gorgeous Retard.

Toothache Jackson, the Lightly Beaten.

Bob Thompson, World's Biggest Fan of the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Sometimes, it's been my writing a fabulously funny comedy for the stage sometimes it's an obsessive, hundreds and hundreds of pages long professional wrestling counterfactual, sometimes it's been the creation of catchphrases like "best weekend of my life" or "if I had fuck you money - that's all I'd ever say."

And today - today I coined a word.


Not that I'd, you know, have any experience with this sort of behavior, being a respectible member of the liberal elite - but dating has changed a little bit - it seems not uncommon for a relationship to start with a hook up.

But upon that first hook up, it's entirely possible that you're still seeing other people - but those people eventually are moved aside for an exclusive relationship.

Relationships have anniversaries.

But the anniversary can't be the date of the hookup - because you weren't exclusive and committed and all couple-y at that point. The anniversary has to be from the point of exclusivity.

So - what does that make the hook up date? It happened. It existed. It counted.


I googled. It's new. I'm claiming it as a Sniglet. Call Rich Hall (yes, that I know that reference means I'm too old for a bangiversary, which is why this isn't about me, it's about other people - younger people - cooler people - not me - quit it).

Use it in your own life. Bangiversary. Spread the word.

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