Revelation 15 - Kevin Garnett is Happier Than You Are

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A common refrain in sports analysis has been that the modern athlete doesn't care enough. That he's only in it for the check, that he's all attitude and swagger. Seems to me that fans would appreciate an athlete willing to take performance enhancing drugs, putting his physical well being at risk in order to give his all on the field, but that's a different discussion. Kevin Garnett won an NBA Title last week. He was happy. He got criticized by some as overly effusive. 'Cause, you know - we want you to care, but only the right amount.

I had no dog in the finals fight, but I watched this on DVR at 6 the following morning and teared up. Good for KG, good for the Celtics.

Life's hard. Bad things happen. If you are able to be happy, be as happy as you can be.

Congratulations to the Celtics.

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