You Can't Vote For Hillary Clinton

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The substantive difference between Obama and Clinton on a policy level is fairly small (hell, the substantive difference between most of the corporately controlled Democratic Party and the corporately controlled Republican Party is significantly smaller than most recognize). The tactics of the Clinton campaign, however, demonizing Obama as anti-American, as elitist, as overly intellectual, as insufficiently masculine to be a wartime President pander to the worst elements of the electorate and embolden the type of Republican arguments which have turned "liberal" into an epithet. She has aped the oppressor, gathering a greatest hits collection of all of the worst Republican slurs (many of which had been thrown at her husband) and slathered them upon Obama.

I don't actually think Clinton is sending an encoded "still not too late to kill him too" message, but given the tonal similarities between Bobby Kennedy and Barack Obama, and the undercurrent of potential violence that must accompany the prospect of an African-American man becoming President of the United States, there is a level of ugliness in this reference that can't be overlooked.

You can't vote for her.

Not that it matters.

Senator Obama will be the next President of the United States.

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