Revelation 4 - Leave Those Kids Alone.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A public high school in West Palm Beach, Florida required that girls who wished to walk across the stage at their graduation ceremony had to do so wearing pantyhose.

In 2008. Last week. Seriously.

Boys do not have to do this. Let me suggest that this is discriminatory, poor fashion, and given that it was 91 degrees in West Palm Beach this week, sadistic.

Gasoline is 4 bucks a gallon; we're spending 3 billion a week in a war that's now killed more Americans than 9-11, 1 in ever hundred family homes is currently under foreclosure in some American states, 46 million US citizens have no health insurance and Lindsay Lohan's mother has her own reality show.

The world in which these graduates are being sent is hard and mean and can choke the ability to live your own life on your own terms clean out of you. We are in a predicament, economically, environmentally, geopolitically, where as Americans we really should recognize we have approached a perlious precipice. We need as much brainpower as can be mustered thinking about the larger issues of the day, about our current circumstance, about how we can build the kind of world in which we want to live.

Stop telling young people how to dress. Yes, the droopy pants and the Beatle haircuts and the go-go boots annoy you.

Grow up. You dress for you. I'll dress for me.

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Kirk said...

On the other hand, if they film upskirt shots, put it up on the Internet and charge people $19.99 a month to view them to raise money for the schools, I'd vote for that over the property tax funding system that's been deemed illegal in Ohio but has seen no movement towards change from lawmakers.

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