April 3 - Top Five Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Monday, April 3, 2017

Yesterday is here.

What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 moments on April 3 in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 at San Diego, 7th inning, down 3-2, bases loaded, two outs, Kevin Mitchell singles sharply to right field off Eric Show to score both Butler and Thompson and flip the game, putting us up 4-3 in an opening day 5-3 win over the Padres.  This was Mitchell's career year, he led MLB in homers, RBI, total bases and OPS+, winning the NL MVP Award.

1998 at Arizona, 5th inning, 1-1, two on, two out, Darryl Hamilton doubles to right off of Jeff Suppan, scoring Brian Johnson and Aurilia. We go up 3-1 and win 8-3.  Hamilton wouldn't finish the season in San Francisco, getting moved to the Rockies for Ellis Burks.

2013 at Dodgers, 3rd inning, up 2-1, Pablo Sandoval hit a two run homer off Josh Beckett, extending to 4-1 our lead in a game we'd win 5-3. Sandoval was coming off his World Series MVP from the year prior; within two years he'd be in Boston with his career apparently cratered.

2014 at Arizona, 8th inning, down 5-4, 2 on, 2 out, Mike Morse pinch singles off Will Harris to score Juan Perez and tie the game.  Morse picked up 484 PA as a Giant in 2014, the second most of his career.

2014 at Arizona, same inning, next batter, next pitch, now 5-5, Angel Pagan hit a 3 run homer off Harris to give us an 8-5 lead which held up as the final score.  Pagan hit only two more homers the rest of the season.

Thanks for reading.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Go Giants!


John DeWolfe said...

Just noticed you were doing this. Will have to remember to check in on August 23rd - that day in 1987 the Giants beat the Expos in Montreal, 5-3, and it was the first big league game I ever saw in person. Played an outsized role in my memory ever since... I kept a Bob Sebra Topps card as sort of a lucky keepsake because he was the Expos pitcher that day (and if you don't remember him, you shouldn't - he was dinged at the time for a 6-15 record which overstated his badness - he was a 1 win and a bit pitcher in 86 and 87 - but he never did anything of note after that year.) Mike Aldrete homered in the top of the first and to my seven year old brain it looked like it went 600 feet. I always remembered Tim Wallach responding with a dinger off Atlee Hammaker but I just looked it up and found out I was confused - Wallach hit a double in the game, but it was Reid Nichols who homered.

Jim said...

I appreciate the optimism that I'll be able to keep this up through August.

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