Tendown, November 6, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

248 is here.  This is Tendown 249.

1. Know Your Rights


3. Patrick Willis

4. The Fever Swamp


6. The all important KKK endorsement


Greene, who is white, was expelled by police last month after waving a Confederate battle flag in front of black spectators while the national anthem was being played at the start of a high school football game.

Imagine that the Warriors played a largely vanilla offense with the primary aim of trying to get any one of these three guys a decent 3-point look from anywhere inside 28 feet. Say they found such a shot on a third of possessions and had a league-average offense on the rest. That would already get them 120 points per 100 possessions5 — the highest in historyby a wide margin. Again, duplicated skills with the potential to lead to exponential returns — and this isn’t even the most optimistic scenario.

And one more

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Anonymous said...

Jim, this seems like an appopriate time to ask: what do you think Obama's legacy will be? Before Tuesday, I had him as a modern day Chester A. Arthur: somebody who actually did get some victories against the plutocracy (not enough, but something). Now, I can't help but think that he's going to be remembered as one og America's greatest presidents, between the two idiots he'll be sandwiched between.

Jim said...

That's an interesting one.

1. I'm more bullish than are you, I'd say somewhere between LBJ and WJC.
2. If Trump is just Bush 45, that's a pretty good deal.
3. How much of Obama's domestic achievements get rolled back? If Obamacare lives, either through Trump or is revived post Trump, that's a hard legislative victory Democrats have been pursuing for generations. If it's all wiped away, that can be viewed as Obama's lack of tail.
4. If Trump's Presidency turns into Neo Nazi power which largely is aimed at African-Americans, that clearly is seen as a reaction to Obama's Presidency, and that becomes historically contested in the way that Reconstruction was contested. Eventually it helps him, maybe significantly, but that might take awhile. If opposition to African-American success is viewed as the dominant lense, Obama's achievements become more impressive.
5. If Trump's Presidency is seen as largely anti-Muslim, then it's part of the post 9-11 sweep of history and maybe Obama is better viewed as a continuation of Bush policies than a disruption. If 9-11 and Middle Eastern intervention is the dominant lense, Obama just kicks the can from Bush to Trump.
6. I started thinking about this in terms of when do we start measuring and the first guy I started with was Kennedy, that's about 50 years - 50 years is a good amount of time to step back and give a real historical overview. In 50 years, maybe nothing matters but climate change and maybe every President is essentially the same. Just a bunch of guys worrying about small stuff while we run out of water.
7. Trump. His floor is so low that it makes future projections really challenging. Dude who can't stop tweeting about Rosie O'donnell has the nuclear codes.

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