Rnd 2 (not a) Mock

Friday, April 29, 2016

Not predicting.  Selecting.

32. Cleveland M.Jack LB UCLA
-Browns took Coleman 15th, he was 13th on my board; Jack's top remaining player on the board, there's not a good external understanding of his prognosis, so I'm taking him off the board first.

33. Tennessee J.Reed DT Ala
-Titans took Conklin 8th, I had him 10th on the board. We'll see which of those top tackles has the best career.  Could also go corner or WR here.

34. Dallas N.Spence DE EKU
-Cowboys took Elliott 4th, he was my 6th overall.  They still need the pass rusher they didn't get yesterday.

35. SDiego C.Whitehair G Kan
-Chargers took Bosa third, he was my third overall.  They go to the other side of the line here; a WR is another option.

36. Baltimore R.Ragland ILB Ala
-Ravens took Stanley (and not Tunsil) 6th, I had him 8th on my board. They'd rather get a pass rusher, but if Spence is gone the value is Ragland.

37. KCity M.Alexander CB Clem
-Chiefs moved out of round one and still get the corner who best fits their scheme.

38. Jacksonville E.Ogbah DE Ok St
-Jags got the best player in the draft, Ramsey, at #5, they come back for a pass rusher here.

39. Tampa C.Jones DT Miss St
-Bucs got the corner Hargreaves at 11, I had him 14th, here they get a guy to stand next to McCoy and terrorize the other side of the line.

40. NYG H.Henry TE Ark
-Giants maybe reached for Apple at 10, I had him 21.  They go other side of the ball here, given that there isn't a safety that is worth the pick.  Could also be a WR.

41. Chicago A.Billings DT Bay
-Bears got the pass rusher Floyd at 9, he was 16th on my board.  They get a choice here between Billings and Robinson.

42. Miami S.Shepard WR Okla
-Miami showed some nerve and took Tunsil who dropped to 13, he was the second player on my board.  There isn't a corner who provides value here so they get some speed.

43. Tennessee M.Thomas WR Ohio St
-They picked 10 slots ago, could be they take Shepard at 32 and still are able to get Robinson here at DT.

44. Oakland K.Dodd DE Clem
-Raiders took Joseph 14th, I had him 24th, if any of the DTackles taken ahead fall, I think they like him, or Shepard/Thomas - but given the board here, they take another pass rusher.

45. Tennessee K.Correa OLB Boise
-Titans take the tackle, the DT, the WR, I'll say they go pass rush here.

46. Detroit J.Bullard DT Fla
-Lions took Decker 16th, he was 26th on my board but a good fit for Detroit and Bullard is similarly a fit.

47. New Orleans T.Boyd WR Pitt
-Saints took Rankins 12, I had him 11th on my overall board.  They get a reliable pass catcher for Brees.

48. Indianapolis A.Robinson DT Ala
-Colts took the center Kelly at 18, I had him 28th. Robinson's top guy left and in a position of need.

49. Buffalo S.Cravens LB Buff
-Bills got a pass rusher, Lawson, 19th, I had that as a value pick as he was 12th on my board. I'll give Rex the swiss army Cravens.

50. Atlanta L.Carroo WR Rut
-Neal went 17th, I had him 85th on the board, so I don't love it.  They get a guy to take some pressure off Jones

51. NY Jets S.Calhoun DE Mich St
-Bell went 19th, I had him 39th, they get a pass rusher here.

52. Houston A.Johnson DT Penn St
-Texans took Fuller, the fast guy, 21st, I had him 33rd. Johnson's the remaining DTackle who fits best.

53. Washington N.Martin C ND
-This is a good draft, Washington got Doctson yesterday at 22, he was my 15.  And now a starting center.

54. Minnesota V.Bell S Ohio St
-Vikes needed a receiver and a safety and get them both, yesterday was Treadwell, at 23, he was my 17th overall.

55. Cincinnati S.Day DT ND
-Bengals took a corner, Jackson, at 24, he was my 18th overall.  They'd like a receiver here, but it's too early for the next group; a move up or down makes sense.

56. Seattle J.Spriggs T Ind
-Seahawks took a lesser player, Ifedi, at 31, he was my 78th.

57. GBay K.Dixon RB La Tech
-Pack took Clark at 27, he was my 40th overall player.  They've got need at offensive line; I don't know if there's value here, so I'll give them the second back off the board.

58. Pittsburgh B.Miller WR Oh St
-I had Burns rated 65th, Steelers took him at 25. I'll give them another project on the other side of the ball.

59. KCity B.Kaufusi DE BYU
-I've got the Chiefs getting the corner earlier in the round, here's a pass rusher.

60. NE H.Ridgeway DT Tex
-Scheme fit for the Patriots first pick.

61. NE D.Braverman WR WMich
-And then a route runner for Brady

62. Carol C.Nassib DE Penn St
-Panthers got Butler at 30, I had him 27th.  He's joined by a pass rusher

63. Denver L.Clark T TTech
-Denver got a project in Lynch, he was the 42nd on my board they took him 26th, here's another long term investment.

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