Your Chance to Invest

Thursday, February 5, 2015

So, I lost the Super Bowl for you this year, giving you Seattle +1.

Let me make it up to you by offering you Boyhood, -150, for Best Picture.

After the Globes, that number was about -800, giving you just no play at all, but given Birdman's SAG/PGA success, they're essentially co-favorites now.

I don't know if that stays true after this weekend's BAFTAs.  I think your last, best chance to get in on Boyhood is right now.


blammo! said...

You still think boyhood after baftas?

Jim said...

BAFTAs went Boyhood, as predicted, but I take your point; after DGA/WGA/SAG all going Birdman it's the favorite. I'll be picking Boyhood.

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