Forever Giants:1982 San Francisco Giants Year 25 (100)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1981 is here.

My WAR calculation is a combination of Baseball-reference and Clay Davenport; I believe it to be the "best" WAR number available for historical comparison. 8 WAR is an MVP quality season. The record is pythagorean adjusted for 162 games.

1982 – 79-83
C Milt May 2.1 
1B Reggie Smith 2.65
2B Joe Morgan 5.15 
SS Johnnie LeMaster -2.05 
3B Tom O Malley .65
LF Jeffrey Leonard -.35
CF Chili Davis 2.3 
RF Jack Clark 4.25 
3B Darrell Evans 2.45 
LF Jim Wohlford .55
2B Duane Kuiper .4
C Bob Brenly 1.2 
LF Champ Summers -.15
1B Dave Bergman .7 
LF Max Venable -.2
SS Guy Sularz 0
SP Bill Laskey 4.1
SP Atlee Hammaker  .95
SP Rich Gale .7
SP Renie Martin -.8
RP Greg Minton  6.65 
RP Fred Breining 2.45
RP Al Holland 1.2 
RP Jim Barr 2
RP Gary Lavelle 3.3

-The Centennial Giants had a sub .500 pythag but still wound up in a pennant race, getting bounced in the final weekend before a Joe Morgan homer eliminated the Dodgers in what was, to that date, my high water mark as a Giants fan.  A hundred years into franchise history 47 men had 20 WAR.  Johnnie LeMaster.  Jesus - he felt like the worst player in baseball back then, and the metrics confirm it, he's at about 2300 PA right now (with 1100 still to come) and 3 runs below replacement level.  New manager, new GM - doesn't matter, keep sticking LeMaster in the lineup.  Why have 8 guys who can possibly get a hit when you could just have 7?  

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