Forever Giants:1943 New York Giants(Year 61)

Friday, January 9, 2015

1942 is here.

My WAR calculation is a combination of Baseball-reference and Clay Davenport; I believe it to be the "best" WAR number available for historical comparison. 8 WAR is an MVP quality season. The record is pythagorean adjusted for 162 games.

1943 63-99
C Gus Mancuso -1.3
1B Joe Orengo -.65
2B Mickey Witek 3.2 
SS Billy Jurges -.5
3B Dick Bartell 2.7 
LF Buster Maynard -2.45
CF Johnny Rucker -.1
RF Mel Ott 2.85
Uti Sid Gordon .75
OF Ducky Medwick .6
C Ernie Lombardi 1.4
OF Charlie Mead .1
1B Nap Reyes -.8
OF Babe Barna -.45
SS Buddy Kerr .4
SP Cliff Melton 2.8 
SP Johnnie Wittig .2
SP Rube Fischer 1.1
SP Ken Chase .3
RP Ace Adams 3.6
RP Van Lingle Mungo 1.55
RP Harry Feldman -.05

-A catastrophe.  40 years before the Giants had a 100+ pythagorean loss season, McGraw got installed midway through and really ever since the Giants had been contenders, 90+ pythagorean wins nearly every season.  And now, this, our first last place finish since 1900.  Mize, Danning, Schumacher are all in the military in this disastrous season.  We say goodbye to Hubbell, who retires as the second greatest Giant pitcher ever.  Dick Bartell's gone again, but will come back again.  I don't know if this is true, but it could be that this was the first year in Giants history without a 3.5 win position player or starting pitcher.  All the sub replacement guys in the lineup.  It's a really bad club.

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