2014 NFC/AFC Championship Game Picks

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I was 3-1 straight up and 3-1 ATS last week.

I'm 6-2 against the spread in the playoffs. There are worse records.

I also had the national title game right against the spread (not outright, however, but who cares about that, lets be honest).

I'm sticking with my formula thusfar.

AFC Colts +7 Patriots (NE outright)
NFC Packers +7.5 Seahawks (Seattle outright)

The three best teams this season are the two I'm picking here to go to the SB, the third was Denver, but Manning fell off a cliff and that's all it takes.  The Packers were the fourth best team and have the league's best player, even though they're bigger dogs than the Colts, I'd be less surprised by a Green Bay win.

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