2014 NBA All Star Ballot

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The first build is here.

This is the final build, using Win Shares, PER, WARP.

C A.Drummond
PF C.Anthony
SF L.James
PG K.Lowry
SG D.Wade

C J.Noah
PF PMillsap
SF P.George
PG J.Wall
SG A.Afflalo

C A.Horford
PG K.Irving

C A.Davis
PF K.Love
SF K.Durant MVP
PG C.Paul
SG J.Harden

C D.Cousins
PF B.Griffin
SF N.Batum
PG S.Curry
SG G.Dragic

PF D.Nowtizki
PG D. Lillard

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