#FarewellCandlestick: The 100 Greatest Moments in Candlestick Park History #46

Thursday, November 14, 2013

#47 is here.

#46 January 12, 1991 2 Steps From the Threepeat

You wouldn't have known it at the time, but this was Joe Montana's last playoff win as a 49er.

He threw for two scores, to Jerry Rice and Mike Sherrard, aiding the Niners in defeating the Redskins 28-10.  In the game's most memorable moment, Michael Carter intercepted a Mark Rypien pass and returned it 61 yards for a late touchdown.

A week later, the Niners failed in their attempt at reaching a third straight Super Bowl, losing the NFC Championship in what was effectively the end of Montana's (and the literal end of Ronnie Lott's and Roger Craig's) 49er career.

#45 is tomorrow

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