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Friday, October 11, 2013

Working through the backlog.  I still have nights 8 and 9 from the GI, the most recent NJPW IPPV, and BOLA.  I don't have Kenta v. Nakajima from last weekend yet, but it's the match to which I'm most looking forward.

Nakamura v. Ibushi Aug (G1 Night 4) 4 1/4
Ishii v. Shibata NJPW Aug (G1 Night 4) 4 1/4
Tanahashi v. Ishii NJPW Aug (G1Night2) 4 1/4
Goto v. Okada NJPW Aug (G1Night2) 4
Nakamura v. Suzuki NJPW Aug (G1Night 2) 4
Cole v. Elgin ROH Sept 4

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