#FarewellCandlestick: The 100 Greatest Moments in Candlestick Park History #98

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#99 is here.

#98. October 17, 1989 The Earthquake

Scheduled to be the first World Series game in Candlestick Park in more than a quarter century (question, why did the Gatlin Brothers sing the National Anthem? Was Huey Lewis in a Thai prison?) instead an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale postponed for ten days what would be an A's win leading to a series sweep.

Is it a great moment?  It's an important moment, a moment the history of baseball can't be written without, and if we remove the loss of life and the general devastation and just make it a game postponing thunderstorm, the first scheduled WS game at Candlestick since '62 probably makes the list, so this does as well.

#97 comes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I must say, Ted Cruz's rendition of Green Eggs and Ham gives yours a run for its money.

Jim said...

That's an old school reference right there. Mine, note, wasn't aimed at keeping the uninsured from health care. Or so I was led to believe...

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