Mt. Rushmore - NFC East

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pro Football Talk did a "Mt Rushmore" of each NFL team, the four emblematic figures from each franchise.

I'm not going to do that; I'll just pick the best players.  That's it.  Considering career/peak value for each player for that team - who are the four best.

Start with the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys
1. Bob Lilly
2. Emmitt Smith
3. Randy White
4. Roger Staubach

New York Giants
1. Lawrence Taylor
2. Emlen Tunnell
3. Michael Strahan
4. Andy Robustelli

Philadelphia Eagles
1. Chuck Bednarik
2. Reggie White
3. Donovan McNabb
4. Randall Cunningham

Washington Redskins
1. Sammy Baugh
1. Chris Hanburger
2. Charley Taylor
4. Darrell Green

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