Top 100 NFL Players of 2013 #20-11

Saturday, June 22, 2013

30-21 is here.

We are getting down to it.  The 20 Best Football Players Alive, 2013 edition.

NFL Net List
20. J.Charles RB KC (already appeared on my list)
19. J.Flacco QB Baltimore (already appeared)
18. E.Reed S Houston (not on my list, 'cause it's not 2010)
17. M.Ryan QB Atlana (already appeared)
16. AJ Green WR Cincinnati (already appeared)
15. R.Griffin III QB Washington (already appeared)
14. A.Johnson WR Houston (look below)
13. R.Rice RB Baltimore (look below)
12. D.Ware DE Dallas (already appeared)
11. D.Brees QB NO (look below)

My List
20. A.Johnson WR Houston
19. R.Rice RB Baltimore
18. E.Manning QB NYG
17. P.Manning QB Denver
16. D.Brees QB NO
15. V.Wilfork DT NE
14. L.Kuechly ILB Carolina
13. J.Allen DE Minnesota
12. J.Smith DE San Francisco
11. A.Foster RB Houston

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