Top 100 NFL Players of 2013 #70-61.

Friday, May 17, 2013

80-71 is here.

NFL Net List
70. C.Greenway OLB Minnesota (not on my list)
69. T.Jennings CB Chicago (not on my list)
68. D.Thomas WR Denver (on my list, higher)
67. D.Revis CB Tampa (on my list, look below)
66. E.Thomas S Seattle (on my list, higher)
65. D.Bowe WR KC (nope)
64. A.Morris RB Wash (nope)
63. S.Tulloch ILB Detroit (that's really high)
62. C. Johnson RB Tenn (not on the list)
61. B.Roethlisberger QB Pit (higher on my list)

My List
70. N.Mangold C NYJ
69. C.Kaepernick QB San Francisco
68. R.Griffin QB Wash
67. J.Flacco QB Balt
66. D.Revis CB Tampa
65. E.Weddle S San Diego
64. C.Tillman CB Chicago
63. J.Graham TE NO
62. M.Wilkerson DE NYJ
61. A.Smith OLB San Francisco

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