2013 MLB Top 10 Right Now - Pitchers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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MLB Network did their "Top Ten Right Now" series a couple of months ago, naming the top ten players at each position for 2013.  Bill James also named his.

First, on each list will be my choice.  In parentheses, the MLB and James picks.

Starting Pitchers
10. S.Strasburg (Strasburg, Lee)
9. C. Lee (Hamels, Hamels)
8. CC Sabathia (Price, Strasburg)
7. Y. Darvish (Sale, Weaver)
6. M. Cain (Weaver, Sabathia)
5. D. Price (Hernandez, Hernandez)
4. J. Weaver (Halladay, Greinke)
3. F. Hernandez (Kershaw, Price)
2. C. Kershaw (Lee, Kershaw)
1. J. Verlander (Verlander, Verlander)

Relief Pitchers

10. M.Rivera (Balfour, Nathan)
9. F. Rodney (Johnson, Soriano)
8. H.Street (Papelbon, Motte)
7. JJ Putz (Jansen, Axford)
6. K.Jansen (O'Flaherty, Jansen)
5. G. Balfour (Rodney, Frieri)
4. J. Papelbon (Uehara, Rodney)
3. S.Romo (Rivera, Rivera)
2. A.Chapman (Romo, Papelbon)
1. C.Kimbrel (Kimbrel, Kimbrel)

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