My 2013 NBA All Star Rosters

Friday, January 18, 2013

I utilize Hollinger's numbers and Win Shares to compose the rosters - these are the best players in the NBA for the first half of the 2012-13 season.

C T Chandler
F L James 
F C Anthony 
G D Wade 
G K Irving  

C B Lopez  
F C Bosh 
F P Pierce 
F D West 
F P George 
G D Williams 
G J Calderon 

Were there an injury, the top alternate is A Horford.

Garnett/Rondo won the fan vote, so they're both on the team - I'd take off West/Calderon and make the rest my reserve list.  

C A Jefferson 
F K Durant MVP
F T Duncan 
G K Bryant 
G C Paul 

G J Harden 
G R Westbrook
G T Parker 
F B Griffin 
F D Lee 
C D Howard 
C M Gasol 

Were there an injury, the top alternates are Z Randolph and my guy SCurry.

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