Saturday, October 20, 2012

The LCS moved to a best of 7 in '85; 33 teams fell behind 3 games to 1 and only 6 of those teams won.

In MLB history, 76 teams have fallen behind in any best of 7 three games to one and only 11 of those teams won.

The Giants, either SFG or NYG have never made such a comeback.

Barry Zito has been a San Francisco Giant for six seasons; in only one did his adjusted ERA match league average.  That was 2009.  Barry Zito's total number of wins above replacement (B-Ref) version in six years as a Giant is 3.

Three.  He's an average of half a win better than a freely available pitcher per season.  Half a win a season.

In that time he's made 99 million dollars.  3 wins above replacement.  99 million dollars.

Barry Zito is one of the all time sports free agent busts.  99 million dollars (and more to come) for no more value than you could get for the league minimum.  It is astounding.

Last night Barry Zito kept the Giants alive.  It was an improbable outcome. No team in MLB history had ever won 4 road elimination games in the same postseason.  Until now.

It's a temporary outcome, the series is still 3-2, we still have a Melky sized hole in the middle of the lineup and there isn't a starting pitcher you love seeing take the mound.

But we live another day because of Barry Zito.  In 2012.

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