Game Two

Friday, October 26, 2012


AJ Pierzynski, as disliked (and on merit) as any San Francisco Giant ever by the Giants fanbase, decided that Posey should have blocked the plate.

No, but the throw I thought, Tim, was inside enough where he could’ve held his ground.

I know Buster had the horrible injury last season. But that’s just, as a catcher, you know Tim as catching, sometimes that’s par for the course and you got to take it as part of the game. 

Thanks for the tip AJ. Good looking out.  Because instead of being up 2-0; we could be up 2-0 with our franchise player crumpled like Todd Greene

Madison Bumgarner looked like Madison Bumgarner is supposed to look; Dave Dombrowski had so many reaction thoughts I assume he must have 324 career wins and own the Texas Rangers, and Buster Posey isn't lying in a heap at UCSF Medical Center.

And we're up 2-0.


 See how Posey's walking away from that play at the plate?  What a pussy.

There have been 50 previous occasions in WS history where a team has gone up 2-0 in a Best of 7.

That team has won 40 of those 50 World Series'.

Ten years ago today was Game 6.  Today is better than that.

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Blog said...

That was, without question, the bunt of the year.

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