Game One.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pablo Sandoval became the 4th man in World Series history to hit 3 homers in the same game.

Ruth.  Reggie.  Pujols.  Panda.

Barry Zito outpitched Justin Verlander.  Tim Lincecum again was lights out in relief.  Angel Pagan doubled off the third base bag just days after Lance Lynn threw a grounder off the second base bag.  Joe Buck stood at a podium along the third base line like he was emceeing a Todlers & Tiaras pageant. Tim McCarver made a Barry Manilow reference.  A Republican candidate for US Senate said a pregnancy resulting from rape was all part of God's plan.  Presumably he'll fight with the other Republican candidate for US Senate who said women who were raped don't really get pregnant because God shuts that shit down.

And we whipped the Tigers.  One down.



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