2012 NFL Predictions

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


San Francisco 10-6
Seattle 8-8
Arizona 5-11 under 6.5 
St. Louis 5-11 
-Always important to temper enthusiasm for your team when making predictions; 10 wins seems like top end for my Niners, relative health plus huge turnover advantage are two factors that point hard to regression.  

Atlanta 10-6 over 9 
New Orleans 9-7
Carolina 8-8 
Tampa 7-9 over 5.5
-I've got the Falcons as the second best team in the NFC, although I was unable to get Ryan on any of my 3 fantasy teams.  I like a bounceback for the Bucs and no regression from the Panthers.  

Green Bay 12-4
Chicago 10-6
Detroit 8-8
Minnesota 5-11
-The Bears are the team that improves; I have them bouncing the Niners in the playoffs.   The Packers are the best team in the conference and I'll take them to go to the SB.

Philadelphia 9-7 
New York 9-7
Dallas 8-8
Washington 7-9
-I don't love or hate anyone in the East


Pittsburgh 11-5 over 10
Baltimore 9-7
Cincinnati 8-8 
Cleveland 4-12 (under 5)
-I do hate the Browns; rookie QB, nothing at WR, Richardson's already injured - that's a team staring hard at a deep last place season.  

Houston 9-7(under 10)
Tennessee 7-9
Jacksonville 6-10
Indianapolis 5-11
-A better Houston team was stuck behind Manning and those good Colts team, now they're headed back the other way, but this looks like an easy division to pick.   

New England 12-4
Buffalo 10-6 over 7.5
New York 9-7
Miami 6-10 under 7
-Obviously, Buffalo's the team I like the most relative to their number; were you to invest in anything, it would be that. Patriots are the best team in the conference and I'll take them to go to the SB.

Denver 9-7
San Diego 8-8 under 9
       Kansas City 7-9 
Oakland 6-10 under 7.5
-I don't love anyone in the West; I kinda hate the Raiders, I don't see much chance playing under 7.5 beats you.  


NYG at Philadelphia
Chicago at 49ers
NY at GB
Chi at Atl
Atl at GB

Balt at Hou
Buff at Den
Balt at NE
Buff at Pitt
Buff at NE

Packers v. Patriots.  

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