The All Time Dream Team

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Using Win Shares from the regular season+playoffs going into each of their respective Games; here is every Dream Team roster. It should not be a surprise that the original team is the best and the team that didn't win was the worst.  The all time Dream Team is at the end.

C DRobinson (13.9)
C PEwing (14.7)
PF CBarkley (12.3)
PF KMalone (18.3)
PF CLaettner (N/A)
SF SPippen (15.8)
SF CMullin (10.9)
SF LBird (5.7)
PG MJohnson (N/A)
PG JStockton (15)
SG MJordan (21.8)
SG CDrexler (16.2)

C HOlajuwon (10.2)
C S’ONeal (8.4)
C DRobinson (19.9)
PF CBarkley (11.2)
PF KMalone (17.7)
SF GHill (12)
SF SPippen (15.3)
PG PHardaway (16.3)
PG GPayton (14.6)
PG JStockton (15.2)
SG RMiller (10.6)
SG MRichmond (9.7)
Total- 140.5
Even with the Zeroes for Laettner and Magic, ’92 still comes out ahead.  ’96 Robinson is the best center on either team, ’92 Malone stays the best PF; ’92 Pippen the best SF; ’96 Penny is the new top PG, and ’92 Jordan stays the top SG. 

C AMourning (14.6)
PF VBaker (3.3)
PF KGarnett (12)
PF AMcDyess (6.2)
SF VCarter (12.1)
SF S. Abdur-Raheem (8.8)
PG THardaway (4.3)
PG JKidd (8.9)
PG GPayton (14.6)
SG RAllen (10.8)
SG A Houston (9.6)
SG SSmith (12.9)

The least impressive group to that date and by a substantial margin; not a single player would make the All Time Roster through those first 3 Olympic games.  Let’s say Mourning would be the 12th man.

C EOkafor (N/A)
C TDuncan (14.8)
PF CBoozer (9.4)
PF AStoudamire (4.4)
PF LOdom (9.6)
SF LJames (5.1)
SF CAnthony (5.9)
SF SMarion (9.1)
SF RJefferson (12.3)
PG AIverson (2.8)
PG SMarbury (9.2)
SG DWade (5.8)
And that’s why they won the bronze.  Duncan can replace Mourning as the 12th man for the All Time Dream Team.

C DHoward (14.4)
PF CBosh (10.7)
PF CBoozer (10.5)
SF LJames (17.3)
SF TPrince (8.7)
SF CAnthony (8.1)
PG DWilliams (13.2)
PG JKidd (2.5)
PG CPaul (20.7)
SG MRedd (5.8)
SG DWade (3.3)
SG KBryant (17)

Redeem team’s the third best of the Olympic Teams; LeBron’s the new all time SF; CP3 the new all time PG; Kobe the new backup SG.

C TChandler (9.5)
PF KLove (10)
PF ADavis (N/A)
SF LJames (20.3)
SF C.Anthony (6.6)
SF AIguodala (8.4)
PG CPaul (13.6)
PG RWestbrook (10)
PG DWilliams (4.1)
SG KDurant (16.2)
SG KBryant (7.6)
SG JHarden (11.7)

This year’s version of LeBron is the new starter at SF.  Here’s the All Time Dream Team roster.
C Robinson (’96)
C Duncan (’04)
PF Malone (’92)
PF Malone (’96)
SF James (’12)
SF James (’08)
PG Paul (’08)
PG PHardaway (’96)
SG Jordan (’92)
SG Bryant (’08)
SG Drexler (’92)
SG Durant (’12)

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