Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Rankings - 2012

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm in 12 team, 13 man roster leagues, that means far more than 100 players will be drafted in all of my drafts - but my goal is to stay inside the top 100; in my first draft, I got 12, if I can do that again in my second, I'll be good.

I've tiered this, get anyone from the particular tier you like, as your position/category needs dictate.  I play 8 cat, 12 team leagues.

One: James, Durant
Two: Paul, Wade
Three: Curry, Westbrook, Williams
Four: Rose, Stoudemire, Love, Granger, Ellis
Five: Gasol, Anthony
Six: Howard, Nowitzki, Bryant, Gay, Wall, Ginobli, Wright, Gallinari
Seven: Rondo, Horford, Lee, Holiday, Pierce
Eight: Bosh, Nash, Lawson, Aldridge, JSmith, Garnett, Evans, Millsap
Nine: Griffin, Jefferson, Gordon, Iguodala, Martin, West, Conley, Jennings,
Ten: Blatche, Harden, Ibaka, Irving, Collison
Eleven: Bargnani, ZRandolph, Nene, Lowry, Batum, SJackson,
Twelve: Deng, Wallace, Kidd, Thomas, Brand, Noah, Duncan, Thornton, Beasley
Thirteen: Bogut, MGasol, Nelson, Cousins, Billups, Felton, Hibbert, RAllen
Fourteen: Terry, Frye, Teague, TAllen, Fields, George
Fifteen: Gortat, Scola, JJohnson, Harris, Parker, Rubio, Jack, Douglas, AJohnson,
Sixteen: Bynum, McGee, Monroe, Verejao, Boozer, Stuckey, Odom, Richardson, Ariza, Diaw, Delfino, Chandler, Augustin, BLopez

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