I Pick Every NFL Game in 2011 - Week 12

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A tick over .500 last week, and a tick over for the season, 77-76-7 against the spread, 107-53 straight up.

Lions +6.5 GB(Packers win game)(loss/win)
Dallas -7 Miami(loss/win)
Ravens -3 Niners(win/win)
Jets -8 Bills (loss/win)
Bengals -7.5 Browns(loss/win)
Texans -3.5 Jax (win/win)
Panthers -3.5 Colts(win/win)
Tenn -3 TB(win/win)
Atl -9.5 Minn(win/win)
Bears +4.5 Raiders (oakland wins game) (loss/win)
Rams -3.5 Ariz(loss/loss)
Seattle -4 Wash(loss/loss)
SD -6.5 Den(loss/loss)
Pitt -10.5 KC (loss/win)
Philly +4.5 NE(Pats win game) (loss/win)
NYG +7 NO (Saints win game)(loss/win)

(Pittsburgh and Houston look really attractive this week.)

5-11, 82-87-7
13-3, 120-56


Anonymous said...

When are you (and John Elway) going to admit that you were wrong about Tim Tebow?

Like Michael Vick, the kid blows away conventional wisdom of what an NFL quarterback is "supposed" to do, and just flat out does whatever it takes to lead his semi-talented team to victory.

Jim said...

Right after I admit I was wrong about Vince Young. Dude just wins. It's magic. Tennessee's going to the Super Bowl two years ago!

January of 2013. If they can win games for a full season without being able to throw the football, then we'll talk.

Blog said...

That's a bit disingenuous, Jim. Don't try to tell me that you wouldn't have said "Told you so!" by now if Tebow had started 1-5...

Jim said...

If the situation were entirely reversed, Tebow playing well, say going 20-28, 275, 2 scores, but Denver losing, then not only wouldn't I say I told you so, I would have been wrong.

I think the parallel is the Wildcat; we've had midseason gimmick offenses result in wins before; if it's the end of next year and he's still completing fewer than ten passes a game and Denver's still winning football games, then it's a discussion beyond just a sample size anomaly.

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