2011 College Football Picks, Week 11

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm 57-60-3.

Ohio St. -7 Purdue(loss)
Missouri +1.5 Texas(win)
Ok St. v TTech under 79.5(win)
SCarolina -3 Florida(win)
Wyo +16.5 AForce(win)
Texas A&M v KSt under 66.5(loss)
Rutgers -7.5 Army(win)
LA Tech -2 Ole Miss(win)
Oregon v. Stanford under 69(loss)
SMiss -9 CFla(loss)
Hawaii +16 Nevada(win)
Ariz St. -11.5 Wash St.(loss)



Anonymous said...

Should Penn State be playing this weekend?

Jim said...

It's funny, a couple days ago when there was a like a 24 hour discussion about Paterno coaching Saturday, I thought it was more likely there would be no game than that he'd coach. I don't want to just say no they shouldn't play; I don't know the contractual language with all the various interests, if they cancel now they owe what to whom, etc... But if I were invited to an emergency "should we cancel the game" meeting, I'd walk in predisposed to say yes. There's nothing that could happen Saturday that's good for the university. If I were in Paterno's camp, my advice would be to disappear; an entire school can't do that, but they don't need to be on the stage right now.

Anonymous said...

"Erickson said that the game would be an opportunity to demonstrate many of the aspects of childhood sexual abuse and the tragedy of it."

Um...what?? Perhaps Nebraska should be extra careful out there...

BTW, I'm Blog, but when I try to use my Blogger account I get this error:

"Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration"

Jim said...

We'll be keeping an eye out for those demonstrations in the third quarter. Back to you, Brent.

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