I Pick Every NFL Game in 2011 - Week 6

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm slumping.  Season record is down to 41-33-3 against the spread and 54-23 straight up.  As is the case each week, I put this up on Wednesday given my schedule, but will revisit on Friday.  If you're relying on my thoughts, come back sometime before Saturday for the final result. Edit - I'm done as of Thursday midday.  I flipped two ATS, I think I'd good for the weekend.

StL +14.5 GB (Pack wins game)(loss/win)
Jags +12.5 Steelers (Steelers win game)(win/win)
Redskins +1 Philly(loss/loss)
Detroit -5 Niners(loss/loss)
Panthers +4 Atlanta(loss/loss)
Bengals -7 Colts(win/win)
Bills +3 NYG (Giants win game)(push/win)
Texans +7.5 Ravens (Balt wins game)(loss/win)
Raiders -5.5 Browns(win/win)
Cowboys +7 NE (Patriots win game)(win/win)
Saints -4.5 Bucs(loss/loss)
Bears -3 Vikes(win/win)
Jets -7 Dolphins(win/win)

6-6-1, 47-39-4
9-4, 63-27

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