2011 Emmy Award Predictions

Friday, September 16, 2011

I enjoy television.  I enjoy award shows.  Occasionally, I am successful in making predictions about the outcome of television award shows.

The Emmys are Sunday.

Drama: Mad Men
-That would be 4 straight, a significant number.  Boardwalk would be the only other possibility.  Mad Men should win; there is no Breaking Bad in the eligibility period, and there isn't another show in their neighborhood.

Actor: Hamm
-Hamm's never won, Cranston has a hammerlock on the award, but again, no Breaking Bad this year.  The only other possibility is Buscemi.  You may recall I hit both Boardwalk/Buscemi at the Globes.

Actress: Margulies
-She was supposed to win last year, but Sedgwick slipped in and grabbed it away; I'd really strongly prefer Moss, Britton or Enos.

Supporting: Slattery, Martindale
-Actor is a full jump ball; if either Goggins (my preference) or Cumming won, that would not surprise.  You'd take the field over Martindale, but not any of her competitors specifically.

Comedy: Modern Family
-I don't see a circumstance where it doesn't win; Top end 30 Rock remains all by itself qualitatively, Parks is probably the most consistently good week to week.

Actor: Carrell
-Like Hamm, Carrell's never won; like Hamm, he absolutely deserves to win.  There's not another contender.

Actress: Linney
-If you wanted a crazy long odd investment, take Plimpton.  My vote would be Poehler.

Supporting: Burrell/Lynch
-I did give you Stonestreet last year; this year it's Burrell who gets through.  Lynch is easy here.

Reality Comp: Top Chef
-Top Chef ended Race's run last year, I'll say it continues one of its own.  It would get my vote, I think, given that Survivor isn't nominated.

Variety Series: Daily Show
-A lock.

Movie: Mildred Pierce
Actor: Ramirez
Actress: Winslet
Supporting: Pearce/Wood

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