All Time Niners+Raiders 47 Man Roster

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just because I felt like doing it.  Turned out, at least after the first pass, that there were more Raiders than Niners.  This is part of a series, to which you can get here.

QB Joe Montana
      QB Steve Young
      QB John Brodie
RB Marcus Allen
RB Roger Craig
      RB Joe Perry
      RB Hugh McElhenny
WR Jerry Rice
WR Tim Brown
       WR Fred Biletnikoff
       WR Cliff Branch
TE Brent Jones
     TE Todd Christensen
C Jim Otto
G Gene Upshaw
G Steve Wisniewski
T Art Shell
T Bob St. Clair
    OL Randy Cross
    OL Keith Fahnhorst
    OL Harris Barton

DE Howie Long
DT Leo Nomellini
DT Bryant Young
DE Cedrick Hardman
     DL Charlie Krueger
     DL Michael Carter
     DL Ben Davidson
     DL Justin Smith
OLB Dave Wilcox
ILB Patrick Willis
OLB Ted Hendricks
     LB Matt Millen
     LB Matt Hazeltine
     LB Dan Conners
     LB Phil Villapiano
     LB Keena Turner
CB Jimmy Johnson
S Ronnie Lott
S Jack Tatum
CB Willie Brown
    DB Lester Hayes
    DB Terry McDaniel
    DB George Atkinson
    DB Nnamdi Asomugha
PK Sebastian Janikowski
P Ray Guy

QB - Joe/Young are unquestionably 1-2, there's a better argument that Steve should start than that anyone else should be second string.  Brodie was not as good, on a per game basis, as Stabler; for me, his cumulative advantage makes him a solid pick, but I wouldn't think a Stabler selection would be wrong necessarily.  I'll say Plunkett's 5th, with the SB wins that Garcia/Gannon don't have.

RB - One could move the ordering around, but not the composition of the quartet; per game you might say McElhenny was the best of the four, and his total Niner career wasn't so far below the other three that you couldn't start him if you wanted to.  I'm comfortable with this ordering.  Van Eeghen and Willard are dead heat for fifth.

WR - Starters are easily the starters.  If you wanted to say TO needs to crack the quartet, I don't inherently disagree, as he was better per game than anyone but Jerry, and the other two Raiders don't have the amount of career that Brown had.  I'll say they had enough though to keep Owens 5th.

TE - Jones by a tick over Christensen, Casper was a better player than both, but I'll say didn't have enough career to get by either.

OL - No question about the starters.   No question about the backups.  This is pretty easy.

DL - Hall of Famers and then a drop to Hart and the backups.  Hardman, Stubblefield, Haley, Sistrunk, Townsend could all take that last spot. After 2013, Justin Smith has moved his way in.

LB/DB - assuming Rice/Lott/Craig are Niners and Millen's a Raider, it's 23/22 Raiders in the final count, that last DB spot might come down to Asomugha v. Hanks; now that the former is gone, maybe its worth another look. 2 more Niners join with the bump up to 47, flipping the board.

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