All Time Philadelphia Eagles 53 Man Roster

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Part of a series.  Previous post is here. Updated through 2017. This is the all time-Eagles 53 man roster.

QB Donovan McNabb
     QB Randall Cunningham
     QB Ron Jaworski
     QB Norm Snead
RB Steve Van Buren
RB Wilbert Montgomery
     RB Brian Westbrook
     RB Timmy Brown
     RB LeSean McCoy
WR Harold Carmichael
WR Tommy McDonald
      WR Mike Quick
      WR DeSean Jackson
TE Pete Retzlaff
    TE Keith Jackson
C Guy Morriss
G Wade Key
G Bucko Kilroy
T Jason Peters
T Al Wistert
    OL Jerry Sisemore
    OL Tra Thomas
    OL Jon Runyan
    OL Stan Walters

DE Reggie White
DT Charlie Johnson
DE Pete Pihos
    DL Clyde Simmons
   DL Trent Cole
    DL Carl Hairston
    DL Norm Willey
    DL Hugh Douglas
    DL Fletcher Cox
OLB Chuck Bednarik
ILB Bill Bergey
ILB Jeremiah Trotter
OLB Seth Joyner
    LB Frank LeMaster
   LB William Thomas
   LB John Bunting
   LB Jerry Robinson
   LB Byron Evans
CB Eric Allen
S Brian Dawkins
S Randy Logan
CB Troy Vincent
    DB Herman Edwards
    DB Wes Hopkins
    DB Tom Brookshier
    DB Roynell Young
    DB Bobby Taylor
PK David Akers
P Sean Landeta


DennisVee said...

How can Steve Van Buren not hold one of the RB spots? Also, Bill Bradley probably deserves one of the DB spots....

Jim said...

Yeah, Van Buren. Oversight. I don't love guys from the 40s and think of them as overrated in comparison to a modern NFL, but yeah, Van Buren. I'm going to stick with the DBs.

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